Election 2024: Candidates List and Form 45 in Pakistan

The year 2024 marks a crucial moment for Pakistan as citizens head to the polls to elect their representatives.

With heightened security measures, the general elections are scheduled for February 8. In this article, we delve into the essential forms used during the electoral process, with a particular focus on Form 45.

Understanding Form 45

  • Form 45, commonly referred to as the “Result of the Count,” plays a pivotal role in the election process. Let’s break down its components:
    • Polling Station Information: Form 45 contains details about the polling station, including the station number and the constituency name.
    • Registered Voters: It lists the total number of registered voters at that polling station.
    • Votes Cast: Form 45 provides the total votes cast during the election.
    • Candidate Breakdown: Crucially, it offers a detailed breakdown of votes received by each candidate.

Independent Verification

  • Candidates can independently verify the votes they received through Form 45. Transparency and accuracy are vital, and this form ensures that candidates have access to reliable data.

Other Relevant Forms

  • Let’s briefly touch upon other forms used in the electoral process:
    • Form 46: Details the number of ballot papers received, issued, and any irregularities.
    • Form 47: Contains information on rejected votes and unofficial results.
    • Form 48: Essential for preparing election results, it includes the total votes cast for each candidate in a specific constituency.
    • Form 49 (Gazetted Form): The final and official results, listing candidate names, affiliated parties, and total votes received.

PSI Candidates

  • The PSI (Pakistan Strong Institution) candidates are vying for seats across national and provincial assemblies. A complete list of PSI candidates is available for reference¬≤.


As Pakistan gears up for the 2024 elections, understanding the significance of these forms, especially Form 45, is crucial. Transparency, accountability, and citizen participation remain at the heart of a robust democratic process.