Ehsaas Program Phase Two Payment Resumes by Government of Pakistan

If you live in Pakistan, here’s an important update: the government has started the second phase of payments for the Ehsaas Program.

You can get your grant money by visiting your nearest Ehsaas Program cash center. If you’re not yet registered, you can also check your registration status.

The registration process is straightforward, and you can verify your registration without any issues. This article will explain the registration procedure in detail.

Phase Two Payment

If you haven’t received the second phase payment of Rs. 10,500, you should confirm your registration. The purpose of the Ehsaas Program is to provide financial assistance to poor families in Pakistan. If you belong to a low-income family, this financial aid is for you. You can verify your registration by following the information provided in this article.

Ehsaas Program Phase Two Payment Restart – Government of Pakistan Update

If you are not registered, here’s how you can register:

  1. Visit the Ehsaas Program Office: If there is an office in your area, you can register there.
  2. Use the 8171 SMS Service: Send your ID card number to 8171.
  3. Online Registration: Use the 8171 web portal to verify your registration.

When you visit the Ehsaas Program office, you will receive a registration form to fill out with your personal information. The same form will be available online if you register via the web portal.

Eligibility Criteria

Only eligible individuals will be part of the Ehsaas Program. To check your eligibility, you need to verify your monthly income. If your monthly income is less than Rs. 40,000, you qualify for the program. If it exceeds Rs. 40,000, you do not qualify.

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Final Words

By reading this article, you should be able to verify your registration easily. The registration procedure has been explained in detail. Follow the steps mentioned, and you can register without any problems and become a part of this program.