Unlocking Healthcare Bliss: Sehat Sahulat Program 2023-24

Sehat Sahulat Program 2023-24: Healthcare is a fundamental right, yet many in Pakistan face financial barriers to accessing medical services.

The Sehat Sahulat Program emerges as a beacon of hope, a milestone in social welfare reforms aiming to provide dignified medical healthcare to the impoverished across the country.

This article explores the intricacies of this initiative, its online registration process, eligibility criteria, and the extensive benefits it offers.

Sehat Sahulat Program Overview

Initiated by the Government of Pakistan, the Sehat Sahulat Program is a revolutionary health insurance initiative designed to facilitate the poorest segments of society.

The program encompasses both secondary and priority care treatments, with a substantial coverage of Rs 60,000 per family per year, extendable to Rs 120,000 in case of additional medical requirements.

This comprehensive Ehsaas Health Insurance program plays a pivotal role in addressing the healthcare needs of the underprivileged.

Sehat Sahulat Program Online Registration

  • Accessing the benefits of the Sehat Sahulat Program involves a straightforward online registration process.
  • Eligibility can be confirmed by visiting the official website and entering the CNIC number along with the provided captcha.
  • Alternatively, sending the unique ID card number to 8500 without slashes initiates a prompt reply regarding eligibility.

Sehat Insaf Card Check Online

Verification of the Sehat Insaf Card’s status can be done effortlessly through the official website. By entering the CNIC number and clicking “Search,” users can ascertain the card’s validity and details.

Additionally, the Sehat Insaf Card app, available for download on Android and iOS devices, provides convenient access to personal details, treatment history, and eligibility status.

Sehat Sahulat Card Program Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Sehat Sahulat Card program include individuals whose biodata is captured during BISP and NSER surveys.

A crucial factor is the completion of the dynamic survey for BISP. The official website serves as a platform to check eligibility, with an additional option of sending the NADRA card number to 8500 for verification.

Ehsaas Sehat Sahulat Program Requirements

To avail of medical aid through the Prime Minister’s Sehat Sahulat Program, specific documents are mandatory.

These include the survey form number, original CNIC card, and the B-form in the case of a child.

The newly launched online portal at facilitates eligibility checks by entering the CNIC number and captcha or by sending the ID card number to 8500.

Sehat Card Online Apply

Understanding the significance of health as complete well-being, the Sehat Card can be applied for online using the designated code “8500.” Once eligibility is confirmed, individuals need to visit their district’s nearest registration desk to collect the Sehat Insaf Card.

Sehat Sahulat Program Application Form

Introduced in 2015 in KPK by the PTI government, the Sehat Sahulat Card program has expanded to Punjab.

The official website Pmhealthprogram.gov.pk allows users to check card information in Urdu or English. Surprisingly, there’s no need for a separate application form; a simple text to 8500 with the NADRA identity card number is sufficient.

Sehat Insaf Card Online Registration

The online registration for the Sehat Insaf Card involves visiting statehealth.com.pk, clicking on “Apply Now,” and filling out personal and household information. Uploading a scanned copy of the CNIC and a passport-size photograph completes the process.

Ehsaas Sahulat Card Hospital List

The Sehat Insaf Card opens doors to numerous government and private hospitals across Pakistan.

Public hospitals such as Jinnah Hospital Lahore and private institutions like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital collaborate with the program, expanding healthcare accessibility.

Sehat Sahulat Program Hospitals Admission Procedure

SSP desks in government hospitals guide patients through the admission procedure. The Sehat Card, original CNIC, and B-form for children are essential for treatment eligibility. However, it’s crucial to note that the Sehat Card covers only diseases requiring hospital admission.

Diseases Treatment Through SSP

The Sehat Sahulat Program addresses a spectrum of diseases, ensuring health equity for all. From consultations with doctors to surgical interventions, the program covers various medical needs, promoting stability and peace in the nation.

Ehsaas Sehat Sahulat Benefits

The program, a national health insurance initiative, stands as a testament to health as a human right. Residents of Punjab, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan, and Tharparkar are eligible for the Insaf card, providing treatment up to Rs 720,000 per year for low-income families.

Insaf Health Card Information

The Ehsaas Sehat Card, launched in 2020, extends health coverage and financial protection to underprivileged families. With benefits covering secondary and tertiary healthcare services, the card is valid for one year, ensuring continuous access to quality healthcare.

Sehat Insaf Card for Disabled Persons

While the Sehat Insaf Card scheme lacks a specific category for disabled persons, they can still be eligible if they belong to eligible families based on income, destitution, registered laborer status, or female-headed households.

Sehat Insaf Card Distribution Center

To locate the nearest Sehat Insaf Card distribution center, individuals can inquire locally for prompt assistance.

Sehat Insaf Card Helpline Number

For any issues related to the Sehat Insaf Card, individuals can contact the helpline via email at info@statehealth.com.pk or call the helpline number 0800-09009.

Sehat Sahulat Program Contact Number

After discharge, patients receive a feedback call from the program call center at “0512778500” to share their experience and treatment through SSP.