Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023-24 – Phase 3 Pakistan

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023-24 : Assalam Alaikum! How are you all? I hope you are doing well. In this article, we are going to discuss your Prime Minister’s laptop distribution initiative.

Many people need to get a laptop, and we’ll guide you on how to apply for it. Please read and share this article with your friends.

PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2023

The PM Laptop Distribution Scheme for 2023 is set to provide eligible students with laptops to ease their academic tracking.

This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to fostering education and technological advancement.

laptop is very important for all students because Nowadays all work and education will be forward on online then laptop use in all thing .

This laptop will be free but only a few students to please request must apply for this program.

PM Laptop Scheme Eligibility 2023

To be eligible for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023, students must meet certain criteria, which may include educational performance, financial need, or other specified requirements.

The eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that laptops are distributed to those who will benefit the most.

If you are need this laptop for free with PM schemes 2023 then follow all criteria otherwise not eligible for this programs.

  1. You have already to apply for this programs
  2. You have must be selected universities students
  3. You can still study in BSC Degree Programs
  4. You can pass CGPA 4.0
  5. You cannot Received laptop for previous schemes

PM Laptop Scheme Application Form 2023

Students interested in the benefits of the PM Laptop Scheme for 2023 can obtain the application form through official channels.

The application form will outline the important details and documents required for submission.

Applicants are encouraged to carefully follow the instructions to guaranty a smooth application process.

Certainly! Here’s a template for the PM Laptop Scheme Application Form for the year 2023:

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023 Application Form

Personal Information:

  1. Full Name: ___________________________
  2. Gender: Male / Female / Other
  3. Date of Birth: _ / / _
  4. Nationality: ____________
  5. CNIC/Passport Number: _______________

Contact Information:

  1. Address: ____________________________________________
  2. City: ____________
  3. Email Address: ____________
  4. Contact Number: ____________

Educational Background:

  1. Name of Institution/University: ____________________
  2. Current Course/Degree: ____________________________
  3. CGPA/Percentage: __ (if applicable)

Financial Information:

  1. Family Income: ____________
  2. Number of Dependents: ____________

Additional Information:

  1. Reason for Applying (Max 150 words):

  1. Any Achievements or Recognitions (if applicable):


I, [Your Full Name], I understand that any false information may result in the rejection of my application.

Applicant’s Signature:

_____________ Date: _ / / _

Just ideal same as it shown in official website go and fill.

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PM Laptop Scheme Merit List 2023

Once the application period concludes, a merit list will be generated based on the specified criteria. This list will identify the students who qualify for the laptops.

The merit list will be made available through official channels and will serve as a transparent means of selecting beneficiaries.

PM Laptop Scheme 2023-24 Updates

Phased 3 programs will start 2 to 3 weeks gcuf students laptop will distribute and wait for other universities for official notifications.

PM Laptop Scheme Online Registration 2023

The online registration process for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023-24 will be facilitated through official government portals.

Students are encouraged to register online to streamline the application process and ensure timely consideration.

  • Visit the Official Website to registration for this programs (
  • Create an Account
  • Add Login Credentials
  • Complete the Online Registration Form
  • Upload Required and Documents
  • Review and Submit Your Application
  • Confirmation and Application Number
  • Check Application Status
  • Follow-Up Communication

UAF laptop final merit list

HEC has forwarded an updated list for the PM Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III. All students are directed to check their details and status carefully on given link (list is also available on UAF website). The University reserves the right to cancel the laptop at any stage of laptop distribution if any information found fake/wrong or student have already received Laptop in any Govt Scheme. University also reserves the right to take disciplinary action against these students and file an FIR of fraud/ cheating against the student for providing fake/misleading information during this scheme.
Not Eligible Students at the time of Distribution:

  1. Pass out
  2. Admission Cancel
  3. Extra Semester Enrolled

FAQs about Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2023-24

Can I apply for the scheme if I’m pursuing post-graduate studies?

How can I check the status of my application?

Is there any financial assistance provided along with the laptop?

While the scheme primarily focuses on providing digital tools, some regions may offer additional financial aid. Check with local authorities for specific details in your area.

What technical specifications can I expect from the laptop?

Are there any workshops or training sessions associated with the scheme?