Navigating Ehsaas Program Complaints: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating Ehsaas Program Complaints: The Ehsaas program, an admirable initiative by the Government of Pakistan, aims to alleviate the struggles of those in need.

While the program has provided relief to many, it’s essential to know how to effectively register complaints in case of issues.

This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Save the Correct WhatsApp Number

  • Connecting with the Ehsaas Program support team begins with saving the correct WhatsApp number.
  • Open WhatsApp, go to “Chats” or “Contacts,” and create a new contact with the provided number.
  • Save the contact under a recognizable name like “Ehsaas Complaints” for easy reference.

Submitting Complaints in Ehsaas Program

  • Once the WhatsApp number is saved, proceed to draft and submit your complaint.
  • Open the chat window with the “Ehsaas Program Complaints” contact.
  • Clearly describe your complaint, including relevant details such as the problem’s nature and when it occurred.
  • Add your CNIC (Computerized National Identification Card) number at the end for identity verification.
  • Review the complaint and click ‘Submit’ to send it to the Ehsaas team
  • Craft a clear and concise message to ensure your concerns are understood.
  • Include all relevant details, providing a comprehensive overview of the issue.
  • Adding your CNIC number is crucial to verifying your identity and directing the complaint to the correct recipient.

The Impact of WhatsApp Registration:

  • The integration of WhatsApp demonstrates Ehsaas’ commitment to technology and enhancing user experience.
  • This modern approach facilitates easy expression of concerns, furthering the program’s positive impact on lives.


Can I register any type of complaint through WhatsApp for Ehsaas?

Yes, WhatsApp can be used to register various complaints, including cash payout and registration issues.

How long does it take to receive a response after registering a complaint via WhatsApp?

The Ehsaas team aims for prompt responses, although response times may vary. Timely issue resolution is a priority.

Is WhatsApp registration available 24/7 for Ehsaas?

Yes, WhatsApp complaint registration operates 24/7, providing convenience for individuals seeking help.

Do I have to mention my CNIC number in every message I send on WhatsApp for complaints?

Yes, mentioning your CNIC number is essential for identity verification and correct complaint routing.

Can I inquire about the status of my complaint via WhatsApp?

Absolutely. You can use WhatsApp to seek assistance or inquire about the status, and the Ehsaas team will provide necessary support and updates.


The Ehsaas program’s use of WhatsApp for complaint registration underscores its dedication to leveraging technology for user benefit.

This streamlined process ensures individuals can voice their concerns and receive assistance promptly, maintaining the program’s positive impact on lives.