Ehsaas Program: How to Check Your Eligibility for the Third Installment

Ehsaas Program : Assalamualaikum friends, how are you, I hope you are well. As you know, Ehsaas or BISP programs are ongoing, so the third installment of the Ehsaas program has been released in November.

If you have not received this money yet, then this article is important for you. Read and will also tell you if you have got it in the comment box so that those people can also get motivation who have not got it yet.

Friends, the only purpose of this program is being shared with you again and again. This is to remove poverty from this country.

What business can you start with 2000 Pkr Only?

Friends, if I tell you, if you start your business even with Rs 12,000 to Rs 1,000, then believe me, where can you go, I am giving you an advice. Whatever amount you get, use it.

Now you take ration for Rs. 10,000. Start a business for Rs. 2,000. How will you start a business? Now, if you start something, if you have done this method. By following God, you will start earning money very soon, friends.

we will get 25 thousand rupees page, now you have got 10 thousand rupees, remaining are 2,000. You can sell it for nothing, that is, you can buy a pop-up, biscuit, buy it cheap, sell it expensive, in this way you can start your business or you can start an online business.

Now you must be thinking that our If you don’t have anything on your laptop then you will surely have a mobile phone. Every person has a mobile phone.

If you have applied for this then you have come to my website so start from the mobile phone. After doing this, watch videos from YouTube, then for how long will you remain behind this program? If you don’t think about it, then you can earn money under this program.

Money is such that you people have the money. Now let’s divide this amount, spend some of it on our needs and start a business from it.

Now I will explain to you as an example, what you guys have to do, you guys didn’t buy three to four packets.

If you have to take a loan then you will get it almost cheaply even if you invest Rs 500, then you have to make a separate effort for Rs 500 to send it back in little by little to get more profit, which you have invested, you have kept that investment with yourself.

Money means that you will have invested your money and you will get profit from the investment, then you have to invest further money, in this way you have to make money from money, believe that if you think and work then you can earn.

Money will go after this program again and again, so you can earn money by sharing the information of this program. There are many ways.

If you become a thinker, you can do a lot. There are many people who are earning millions of dollars today.

Some of them are You are learning something, you are teaching something, you are earning something, what are you people doing, you see, now many people use this thing, press etc. For example, that drunk woman also buys memories, or you did not know.

They spend wastefully on things they don’t have to spend on, or they load their balance to someone. In today’s society, youth are doing this, so avoid it.

There is a purpose of sharing information so that people can You can benefit from this and just share it with your friends.

Inshallah, in the coming days I will share with you the complete method of how you can start a business with Rs 12,000.

What is the Third installment of the Ehsaas Program?

Friends, this third episode means that you people get 12 thousand rupees for free from the government of Pakistan.

Now, friends, you have to go to the shop on your nearest mobile phone, show the message on the shop phone, he will say that the money is gone, then you will get the money, then you can easily take the money.

Who is eligible for the Third installment of the Ehsaas Program?

  • Friends, the only people eligible for this program are those who have taken the first two installments
  • friends and others who belong to poor families, thirdly, those who really need to use this money
  • fourthly, those who have A school or college fee pay
  • 5th those who can start a business
  • 6th those who can help others Friends only Boyle people should apply for this program who really need it Advise up If there is no need, you don’t need to apply

How to check your eligibility for the 3rd installment of the Ehsaas Program?

  1. Online: Visit the Ehsaas Program website and click on the “Check Eligibility” link. Enter your CNIC number and date of birth and click on the “Submit” button. Your eligibility status will be displayed on the screen.
  2. SMS: Send an SMS to the Ehsaas Program helpline number (8171) and type “Ehsaas Eligibility”. You will receive an SMS response with your eligibility status.
  3. Call center: Call the Ehsaas Program helpline number (8171) and follow the instructions of the call center representative. The call center representative will check your eligibility and inform you of your status.

FAQs about 3rd installment of the Ehsaas Program

When will the third installment of the Ehsaas Program be disbursed?

How much money will be disbursed in the third installment?

Who is eligible for the third installment of the Ehsaas Program?

How to receive the third installment of the Ehsaas Program?

What should I do if I have not received the third installment of the Ehsaas Program?

If you have not received the third installment of the Ehsaas Program, you can contact the Ehsaas Program helpline number (8171) for assistance.